All our covers are custom made. Covers work hard, are a very good investment, and earn their keep!

Covers protect boats, sails, wheels & binnacles, cushions, bikes, BBQ’s and furniture, from the destructive nature of ultra violet rays, foul weather, water ingress, dirt, dust and soot carried in the atmosphere.

We take special care to design, measure up, make and fit covers in a range of colours, in the right fabric depending on the requirements of each cover.

We take care of installing the right fixings to secure spray hoods and covers:

  • popper studs
  • lift the dots
  • turn buttons
  • grove tracks

We measure and manufacture spray hood stainless frames and associated fittings & fixtures through our preferred supplier. Cover fabric choices include:

Top Gun – Heavyweight, waterproof coated polyester for heavy duty, heavy usage boat covers.

Odyssey – Lightweight, waterproof coated polyester for console covers, seat covers.

Plain Acrylic Canvas – Waterproof, UV resistant, PVC or PU (polyurethane) coated for spray hoods, sail covers, tonneau covers.

Canvas – Cotton based fabric, hard wearing, low cost for general land-based usage.

PVC – Plastic based fabric, hard wearing and waterproof for re-enforcing – for a small number of specialist uses.

Need a cover made or repaired? Please contact us.

Full boat cover image